About  Nora 

Nora has been a business owner, marketer, fundraiser, and author, with a  background in both visual and written communications. She has conducted market and brand analysis and planning; marketing communications development;  organizational analysis; change planning and resource development for both profits and nonprofits.

Through a second career in higher education, Nora created undergraduate
and graduate-level classroom and distance-delivered courses in marketing
and management. She recently taught entrepreneurship at the School of
Business and Public Administration, University of the District of Columbia, and
serves on the graduate communications faculty, AAP Program, Krieger School
of Arts and Sciences, Johns Hopkins University. International experience
includes the Institute for Educational Leadership and the American University
in Bulgaria. She holds M. S. and B.F.A. degrees from Syracuse University, along
with three professional certificates: distance learning, nonprofit management,
and public policy analysis.

Nora has published with PBS, Distance Learning Magazine, the International
Journal of University Adult Education, Journal of Arts Management and Law,
Fund Raising Management, Export Today (UK), Canadian Direct Marketing
News, Association Trends, and the National Council of Nonprofit Association
HandsNet Electronic Journal.

Nora was an exhibiting artist for 30 years, and several of her works appear on
this site.

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Bethesda, MD 20814
Mary, Martha, Betty, Darlene

Mary, Martha, Betty, Darlene